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PVC 2.0

PVC 2.0

There are some very positive things about being dyslexic but I used to think of it as a curse or at the very least a giant pain. Note to self circa 1990, when something is a pain, there’s usually a lesson to learn. That was when I learned the mantra of a prestigious private school in suburban Washington, DC. The Holton-Arms School’s motto is Inveniam viam aut faciam, which translated from Latin means, I will find a way or make one. It was in that moment that I thought, wow, now there’s a philosophy I can wrap my mind around. I mean c’mon, I’m dyslexic, my brain was wired for this attitude.

The diagnostician who identified my dyslexia implored me to stop trying to see the world the same way everyone else saw it. She said if I did, it would ultimately destroy me. Sure, I ran into people who would say, “You can’t do it that way.” Or, “You have to do it my way.” Pushing the boundaries of expectations is fun, exciting, and invigorating, but for a brief moment in time, I foolishly listened to someone who told me I was doing it “wrong” and found out that diagnostician was spot on.

Inveniam viam aut faciam.

Lesson Learned, Moving On

The first phone call I received this morning was from my company’s co-founder and business partner Ken Robinson; it started like this, “Is there a way to…?”

Inveniam viam aut faciam is part of my story. As for my business partner Ken, well, his story is far more impressive. Being the overachiever he is, his wisdom, intelligence, and common-sense gave him the courage to take on the official role as an elected Commissioner in Charles County Maryland where he continues to achieve positive change and growth in the region. Impressively, he does it with the style and fortitude to successfully balance and nurture our company. I am inspired by his dedication and not at all surprised that his unwavering commitment to his constituents parallels his loyalty our company.

I don’t consider Ken to be a politician. He might be an elected official, but he is better defined as an advocate for everyone he serves. It’s a value we’ve carried through our business model. We don’t have clients, we have people who have a story to tell, a problem to solve, or an idea to bring to life.

In September 2014, Ken and I will mark our 17th year in business together. In the coming weeks, we will unveil the renovation of our brand, Potomac View Communications. Together we look forward to many more conversations that start with, “Is there a way to…?”


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